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Option Types are a way to help distinguish products in your store from one another. They are particularly useful when you have many products that are basically of the same general category (T-shirts or mugs, for example), but with characteristics that can vary, such as color, size, or logo.

For each Option Type, you will need to create one or more corresponding Option Values. If you create a “Size” Option Type, then you would need Option Values for it like “Small”, “Medium”, and “Large”.

Creating Option Types and Option Values

Option Types and Option Values are created on an account level, not the product level. This means that you only have to create each Option Type and Option Value once. Once an Option Type and Option Value is created it can be associated with any product in your account. To create an Option Value, click Products, then Option Types, then click on an option type.

Once you are on the option values page, enter a name and presentation value (how it appears to your customers) for each option value you need, then click Update.

Associating Option Values with a Product

Now that we have option values, we need to specify which products have those option types and values. We can do so either when we create a new product (if the options have already been created), or when we edit an existing product.

In the middle of the product edit page is a text box labeled Option Types. When you click in this box, a drop-down appears with all of the option types you have defined for your store. All you have to do is click one or more of them to associate them with your product.

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