Well done! You've taken the first step towards streamlining your operations and signed up for Sweet! We're excited to help make your life easier and prepare your business to scale up easily and efficiently.

Assuming you already have an account and are logged in, you should now take the following steps to set up your company:

1. Go to My Account>My Company and ensure your information is correct. Take a look at each of the tabs on the top right side and edit the details if required. 

2. Changing your password can be done in My Account>My Profile

3. Go to Configurations, click on Stock Location and add a new stock location. This stock location will be vital for when your orders are placed as the stock will come that location, when set to default. If you are on a package that includes inventory features, you can add more than one stock location and set any one of those locations to your default location. 

4. In Configurations, click on Invoice Format Settings to set the format of your invoices.

5. To set up a tax category, go to Configurations>Tax Rates and make the changes you require. 

6.If you want to set up any integrations you can go to the integrations feature and click on the integration you want to add. For more information go to the Integrations category. 

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