To set up payment by Cash / Check / Other go to My Account > My Profile and click on the "Permissions" tab

Scroll down and change the Payments field to "write" access, then click on the "Update Permissions" button

Go to Configurations > Payment Methods > + New Payment Method

Select the type of payment method you want to create:

Assign a name for the payment method and decide on whether you will set permissions solely for your company to manage the payment, the customer or both your company and the customer can manage the payment. 

After setting up the payment method in configurations, you can take payment by going to an invoice and clicking on "+ New Payment". A pop up will appear and you can add the amount that is being paid along with the payment method. After you have applied the payment you will have to go to another screen to capture the payment.

To get to the screen allowing you to capture the payment, for your invoice to reflect a payment has been taken you will have to click on "View Payments"

Your final screen will show you the payment details and to take payment you have to click on the "check box button"

To view other payment methods please click on the relevant link below:

View Stripe integration payment method here.

View AuthorizeNet payment method here.

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