Every once in a while, our QuickBooks Online integration will lose its connection with QuickBooks' servers. This typically occurs when they make an update to their API. When this happens, all syncs will fail with the same  "Authorization failure" message, as shown below.

Disconnecting and reconnecting QuickBooks Online will resolve this error. Then, you can simply restart the jobs which have failed.

To disconnect, go to Integrations -> QuickBooks Online, click "Edit" in top-right, then click "Disconnect".

This is how the page looks like when disconnected:

Once the page reloads, click "Connect to QuickBooks" to reconnect Sweet to QuickBooks Online. All of the settings and synced records will persist so there's no need to be concerned about that.

After you are connected, restart the failed jobs and those will sync over to QuickBooks as they did before.

*Note: The owner of the QuickBooks Online account needs to be the one to "Connect" Sweet and QuickBooks Online. Also, the owner must be logged in to app.getsweet.com and not a custom domain to connect. Once QuickBooks is connected, you may continue with whichever domain you like.

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