Bundles and inventory assembly products can help you with sampler items, items requiring a recipe, limited edition bundles, and more.

Let's explore how to use an Inventory Assembly first. A quick note about inventory assemblies: inventory assembly functionality is available to customers using the inventory management feature included in our Plus, Platinum, or Enterprise plans only.

What Inventory Assemblies Can Be Used For

Inventory assemblies are simply products composed of other items. You can use inventory assembly products to manage inventory of raw materials and your production of the finished goods from those raw materials. Therefore, you can use inventory assemblies to manage production of any type of good, from food (and any other recipe-based products, e.g. cosmetics) to consumer durables, like a bicycle, or furniture.

Sweet supports multiple levels, or stages, of inventory assemblies. For example, if you are a pie company, perhaps you have one assembly product to represent the pie crust dough which has flour, butter, and eggs for its components. Then, you have the pie, which is made up of the pie crust and other components. That requires at least two inventory assemblies, one of which has to be produced before the other.

Also, if you take advantage of Sweet's lot tracking (batch tracking) functionality, you can also have traceability through your production runs and track any goods coming in to any order which leaves your warehouse bound for the customer.

How To Create An Inventory Assembly Product

1. To create an inventory assembly product, you'll first need to setup the products which you'll be using as component items, i.e., your raw materials. Your components can be inventory items, non-inventory items, or even other inventory assemblies. You just need to ensure "Can be part" is turned on for any products you want to use as components of your assemblies/recipe-base products.

2. Now that you have raw materials, you can create the inventory assembly product. Create a product and select product type "inventory assembly". Then enter a price and SKU as those are required fields for any product, and click "Update".

3. Finally, click on the "Components" tab. On this tab, you'll want to select each raw material part from the drop-down, change the "count" to be the quantity of the raw material to be used to create one unit of the assembly product, and click "Add".

4. Once you have all of the components selected, click "Update" on the product.

How To Build An Inventory Assembly Product

You can create a production run by "building" your inventory assembly. We recommend doing this from the Inventory page.

1. You can build inventory by clicking on the "build" icon to the left of any inventory assembly product on the Inventory page.

2.  A Build Assembly window will then pop up which allows you to enter the specific quantity of the assembly product you wish to build, or you can click Max to automatically calculate the maximum quantity of finished goods you can build.

3. After you build the product, you'll have an entry on the Stock Transfers page to capture the history of your assembly build / production run.

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