To set the initial inventories in QuickBooks from Sweet, please follow the below steps:

1. Ensure you have the Inventory Tracking setting ON for your company and for the individual products you wish to track.

+Inventory tracking for your company is on the "My Company" page.
+Inventory tracking for each individual product is on the product page, once you click "Edit".

2. Go to your QuickBooks Online integration page and set "Track Inventory" to "Yes", and click "Save".

3. Select the Sweet stock location to be synced with QuickBooks Online.

+Note: It's best to choose the same stock location you've chosen as the "Default" stock location. QuickBooks Online does not support multi-site inventory which is why you are asked to sync one of your stock locations to QuickBooks Online.

4. Create a stock transfer for all of your products where you wish to do this.

5. For the products which you've just transferred stock, the quantities shown at your synced stock location will match the quantity on hand for those products in QuickBooks Online.

See this article for how to create a stock transfer:

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