You have to make sure the shipping category and tax category are set up in the system before you import your products. For more information look in the "Definition of Terms" section.

  1. Download the product file by going to "Products>Product Import>+New Import>Import Products Sample CSV"

2. Open the CVS file and take a look at the columns (do not move any of the columns around from the downloaded format)

3. Enter your product data into the correct columns on the Sweet CSV file and save the CSV file

4. Go to "Products>Product Import>+New Import>Import Products Sample CSV" and upload the CSV fileĀ 

5. You will be asked to verify if the data you are importing is correct; once you have done this you can Import your data into Sweet

Bulk Product Image Upload

You can add a URL link to the image column in the product CSV import file, right now we do not have the functionality to upload files from a local drive. In any case, we can always help you with the upload of images - contact us at

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