If you need to send out a weekly invoice which includes sales from multiple orders, you can use our Weekly Invoice feature.

By default, invoices are generated for each individual order submitted by a customer or created by you or your team. We call this an invoice frequency of "one invoice per order".

We also an invoice frequency of one week, which we call a "weekly invoice". When this feature is on, line items from multiple orders are aggregated into one invoice per week per customer.

Illustrative Example

For example, if you are a coffee roaster, and your customer, Jon's Doughnuts, orders coffee from you 3 times a week, while they technically receive 3 deliveries a week, they may want to be invoiced for all of the items in those 3 orders just once per week. With our weekly invoice feature, this scenario is easily managed!


To turn this setting on, click on Order/Invoice Settings under Configurations, and in the middle of the page you'll find settings for Invoice Frequency once you turn on Use Invoices in addition to orders.

You will want to set Invoice Frequency to Weekly Invoice. You will also have the option to email the invoices automatically or manually by turning Automatically email weekly invoices on/off.

What If I Need to Send a Single Invoice for an Order?

Even with your Invoice Frequency set to Weekly, you can still send separate invoices for an individual order. To do so, once you have created an order, it will automatically be included in a weekly invoice since that is your setting. To send a single invoice to an individual order, when you are viewing the order, click on Actions in the top-right, this will bring up a drop-down, you will want to click on Send Invoice

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