1. Download the customer by going to "Relationships>Customer Import>+New Import>Import Customers Sample CSV" 

2. Open the CSV file and take a look at the columns (do not move any of the columns around from the downloaded format, any column marked with an asterisk must be populated)

3. Pull your customer report from your files (this may be from your accounting software or other applications that you are migrating from)

4. Copy and paste the customer information from the information you have collected into the correct columns on the Sweet CSV file and save the CSV file

  • Company Name: The name of the company you are serving

  • Time Zone: Find the exact name of the time Zone by going to My Account>My Company>Clicking on the Time Zone drop down and copying the exact time zone the company is in

  • Company email: Exactly as the header suggests

  • Account Number: Use the same account number that you have in your accountancy software - it will make sense

  • Account Name: Use the same account name that you have in your accountancy software. 

  • Payment Terms: Enter your payment terms -you can check the types of payment terms loaded in the system by going to Configurations>Payment Terms . Ensure you enter the payment terms exactly as you see them from the list into the spreadsheet. If you require a new payment term, please email us at help@getsweet.com and we will help you out

  • User Email, User First and Last Name: Add users so you can invite the users of your customers to place orders and view their invoices and order history. Add one user per account and add more individually when the accounts are created

5. Go to "Relationships>Customer Import>+New Import>Import Customers Sample CSV" and upload the CSV file

6. You will be asked to verify if the data you are importing is correct; once you have done this you can Import your data into Sweet

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