Variants allow you to set option values of the product you like to sell in. They are akin to sub-products or sub-items, therefore allowing you to set up product hierarchies.

In Sweet, setting up a variant first requires setting up option types, e.g., flavor, size, etc. Then, you can set up any number of variants with option values for each of these option types, e.g., a variant of product "Cake" which has option values "Chocolate" and "6 inch".

To set up a variant, please follow the below instructions.

1. Set up option type(s) and option values to use on your variants: 

a. Click on "Products" to open up a sub-menu, then:
b. Click on "Option Types".
c. Click on "New Option Type" to set up the option type and option values you want to use for the variants. E.g., set up an option type of "Flavor" and option values of "Chocolate", "Vanilla", etc.

2. Set up the parent product:

a. Click on "Catalog" to get to your catalog.
b. Create a product, e.g., "Cupcake". Specify a name, available-on date, shipping category and all the other necessary fields in the General and Parent Details tabs. You can choose the option type you want to use for the product. E.g., "Flavor" from the Variants tab

c. Click "Update" at the bottom to save.

3. Set up the variants:

a. On the bottom of the Variants tab in the product page, click on the button that says "New Variant".

b. On the page that comes up, enter a SKU, price, and at the top, select the option value, e.g., "Chocolate".
c. Click "Save" at the bottom to save.

d. Then do this for the other variants you need to create for the product.

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