1. Click on the "+ New Pricing Adjustment" to be directed to the pricing adjustment page.

2. Give the pricing adjustment a name. Then select and add the appropriate rules to it. Typically you would add an "Account" rule if you want to give a customer a discount or surcharge, and/or a "Product" or "Variant" rule, when you are applying a discount or surcharge on a specific product.

3. Select an "Action". For a wholesale product discount, you would select "Create item adjustments".

4. Depending on whether you want your customers to view ONLY the discount price OR both the discount price and the original price, you will check the option you want.

When you have entered all the details, click Save and your pricing adjustment will be applied to the accounts or products you have added the rules to.

Note about Tax Calculations for orders with Pricing Adjustments:
The adjustment action is to create a credit on the order.  Taxes are calculated on a per line basis since some items may not be taxable.  When using an order adjustment, this is applied after any line item calculations such as tax.  In order for the adjustment to be applied before the tax, the action on the pricing adjustment should be to create a per item adjustment.

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