*Note: The owner of the QuickBooks Online account needs to be the one to "Connect" Sweet and QuickBooks Online. Also, the owner must be logged in to app.getsweet.com and not a custom domain to connect. Once QuickBooks is connected, you may continue with whichever domain you like.

Open up the "Integrations" menu and click on the "Manage Integrations" option. Then, on the integrations page, click on the "+Add" Button under QuickBooks Online to add the QuickBooks Online Integration.

You will now be on the page below to enter the configuration you wish to set and connect. Go through the configurations and select the appropriate options for your integration:

Match Product by: This option determines how Sweet and QuickBooks attempt to match up products, if they exist in both Sweet and QuickBooks.

Create Customers & Products: This option determines whether Sweet is allowed to transfer new products and customers to QuickBooks. We recommend selecting "Yes", as "No" will require duplication of work when you want to create new products and customers in Sweet and QuickBooks Online.

Overwrite conflicts in: We recommend selecting "QuickBooks" for this option. For most of our customers, Sweet serves as a hub of sorts, integrating upstream with marketplaces or your e-commerce website, and downstream with fulfillment or accounting apps. You can certainly choose to have conflicting data overwritten in Sweet as well.

Send Order as: Sweet can transfer your order data in Sweet over to QuickBooks Online as either an invoice object or a sales order object. Your selection here should be defined by your workflow.

Restrict Payments by Payment Method: This option allows you to choose if you want to sync payments from Sweet to QuickBooks Online. 

Additional Options - The options below the separator are not enabled by default in Quickbooks Online. Therefore, if you would like to enable them in your Sweet - QuickBooks integration, you must enable them in your QuickBooks Online settings first. These include:

Include PO Number (as a Custom Field): If on here and in QuickBooks Online, the PO number will be sent over.

Include Discounts (grouped as one): If on here and in QuickBooks Online, the sum total of discounts and adjustments will be sent over as a single "Discount" amount on the QuickBooks invoice / sales order.

Include Shipping: If on here and in QuickBooks Online, the shipping cost will be sent over. If this is off, then you may mistakenly see only the subtotal of the line item value as the total amount of the QuickBooks invoice / sales order.

Track Inventory: If you are using Sweet's inventory tracking feature and have inventory tracking enabled in Sweet, you can also then choose whether or not you'd like to sync inventory data from Sweet to QuickBooks Online.

See our article on Setting Initial Quantity on Hand in QuickBooks Online for more on how to get things set up initially.

Once you've made your selections, simply click Connect.

When you have clicked the Connect you will be directed to this page where you will have to authorize access of Sweet to QuickBooks Online.

Following the access being granted you will have to enter your QuickBooks credentials.

If you need to go back and edit any of the configuration details you can do this by clicking Edit on the QuickBooks Online Configurations page:

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