You can create Orders in a few different places. On any pages in Sweet, you'll see a + button on the top-right corner where you can access the New Sales Order button. You can also navigate to Transactions -> Sales Orders in the side menu, and New Sales Order button is on the top right corner.

Starting on the dashboard, to create an order, navigate to Transactions -> Sales Orders in the side menu and then click on the New Sales Order button at the top-right of your dashboard.

After clicking on New Sales Order, you will be brought to the new order page. Upon starting a new order, you'll first want to select a customer to create an order for.

After you select the customer, their billing and shipping address will appear.

You can also optionally enter a purchase order number or select a ship date.

Once you've selected the customer and other optional information, click on Add from Catalog to go to the catalog where you can populate the order.

On the catalog, you can search for products and enter quantities for the products you wish to order and click Add to Cart.

After clicking Add to Cart, the cart icon in the top-right of your screen will be updated with the order total. To complete your order, click on either the Order Number in the top-left of the catalog or click on the cart icon and order total and click on View Order.

On the order page, you can select an applicable shipping method, add manual adjustments if needed, or even go back to the catalog to add an item. Or if there is nothing more needed, you can immediately click on the Approve Order button to complete it.

Once approved, depending on your communication settings, you and/or the customer will receive order notifications via email. And you will see the order on the order list page.

Note about the catalog: Sweet gives you the ability to show/hide specific products to specific customers through our Customer-Specific Catalog feature. By default, when you're creating or editing an order, the product catalog will show the products you've chosen to show (made available) to that customer. To access all products in your catalog, simply click on the drop-down and select All Products.

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