Accept credit card payments from anyone, anywhere Stripe currently supports. You can instantly accept payments from around the world.

To set up Stripe credit card payment integration, the following steps must be followed:

Go to My Account > My Profile and click on the "Permissions" tab

Scroll down and change the Payments field to "write" access, then click on the "Update Permissions" button

Go to Configurations > Payment Methods > + New Payment Method

Select "Stripe" and name the payment method - in this case we have named it "Credit Card" then click "Save"

You can get the Secret Key and the Publishable Key by clicking on API Keys under Developers (Secret Key can be found by clicking "Reveal Test Key Token")

Enter the Secret Key and the Publishable Key in the respective fields. Name the Server "production" and UNCHECK "Test Mode", then click "Update" - There is the option to mAanually capture the payment or Auto Capture the payment depending on whether the "Auto Capture" button is switched on or off.  

Payment can now be taken for an "Approved" transaction by taking the following steps

Enter credit card information and click on "Apply Payment" and the payment will be taken from the customer and applied to the invoice

Two important things to mention about how Stripe currently deposits cash to your bank account:

  1. Stripe will occasionally deposit transaction amounts in batches.

  2. Stripe also removes its fees prior to depositing the amounts to your bank accounts.

Both of these factors may require your accounting team make slight adjustments to their Accounts Receivables process.

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