In an instance that you have a a name for a product that your team or your customer will not be familiar with, there is an option to add a display name to a product.
This display name will show in your catalog and the customer catalog. The original product name remains, and will sync up to any other applications you are integrating with. 

The display name will show on the order line item for all orders and invoices. 

Here is an example of changing the display name:

  1. Original name is a code, but you can add a display name for the same product. This will not affect any integrations you have syncing the product to other applications you are using

2. The display name shows in the vendor catalog 

The display name also shows in the customer catalog

When the "Nest variants under product in catalog" button is switched on, the parent product will not be shown the customer portal:

Here is an example of the parent product not being shown in the customer portal:

  1. This is a product with a variant:

2. If we change the display name of this variant, the variant name will show in the customer catalog without the parent product:

Here is what it looks like in the customer catalog:

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