See the below steps to learn how to set up your account request form for new customers.

Customers would be able to navigate to this page from your B2B portal's login page. Once they fill in the required information and click "Submit", you would receive an email with the completed form information.

1. Go to Custom Forms under Configurations.

2. Click on +New Request Account Form

3. Fill-up the following fields:
Name: a unique name used to identify the form internally
Form Title: the title of the form that the user will see
Button/Link to Form Text: the text on the link or button that directs the user to the form
Instructions: any instructions or notes you may want to include in the form
Submit Button Text: the text on the link or button that submits the form
After Submit Message: the message that will appear after the user submits the form

Click on the +Add Field button to add fields that you require your customer to fill up, i.e name, email address, company name.

4. Once done, you may click on Preview, to view your form and Create after viewing it.

This is a preview:

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