Creating Purchase Orders

1. Go to Purchase Orders under Transactions, then click on +New Purchase Order.

2. Choose the Vendor Name from the drop down list. Receive At field is your stock location, you can choose the stock location where you wish to receive the purchased items, from the drop down list. Choose the products you wish to purchase and fill-up the quantity field, as well. Once done, click on Submit.

Receiving Purchase Orders

Once you received your orders from your suppliers, you may now mark the PO as received by clicking on the Receive Order button.

Please note that it is possible to revise the cost and quantity on a purchase order before marking it as received. You will notice that certain fields on the line items have a dotted underline.  All of those fields are editable if you click on them (including quantity and price).  Then once you click on receive, the cost prices will be updated in Sweet as well as your inventory.

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