Outgoing communication sent out from your B2B eCommerce portal are rendered using Liquid. Liquid is a simple, easy-to-use programming language made popular by Shopify.

To edit the outgoing emails that are sent from your store, you can make basic customizations to those templates in Configuration -> Outgoing Communication. For our separate support article on this, please go here.


You can tailor the look and feel of your email notifications while still communicating necessary order information. This is made possible by providing you access to your company, order, product, and customer data through Liquid variables mentioned in later sections of this article.

For a simple example, see the below template for a slightly modified email template for the "Order Approved Email". You'll notice that there are sections of text surrounded by curly brackets, i.e., "{{ text }}". These phrases are Liquid variables which represent different attributes and objects in your data. The curly brackets tell our application to replace the phrases with actual data. E.g., if you include "{{my_company.name}} in an email template, when the email gets sent to you or your customers, it will be replaced by your actual company name.

With the above template in place, a customer would receive the below email body when their order is approved. You will see that the actual data for the customer name and the vendor's name are filled in with the appropriate data.

Editable Outgoing Mail Templates

Here is a list of Liquid email templates which you can customize from your shop admin:

  • Invitation email

  • Order confirmation email

  • Order approved email

  • Invoice email

  • Order cancel email

  • Order unapproval email

  • Order shipped email

  • Weekly invoice email (if applicable)

  • Invoice due reminder email

  • Invoice past due email

These templates have access to the the following Liquid objects as specified below.

Order Properties

Invoice Properties

Shipment Properties

Contact Properties

My Company Properties

Liquid Email Partial Reference

We have provided a snippet to easily include an invoice summary in your emails if desired. You can use it by including the following in an email template.


When you add that to an email, the below highlighted section will appears in your email.

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