Select outgoing communication emails are now editable in Sweet. From your Outgoing Communications page (under Configurations), the editable email templates will have an "edit" link next to each respective outgoing email name.

Clicking on edit will bring you to a page where you can edit the subject, from, cc, bcc, and body of the email template.

Using this template editor, you can fully customize the look and feel of your most commonly-used automated emails in Sweet. You can also use the powerful Liquid programming language to add in object properties, e.g., order numbers, totals, invoice due dates, and more.

See our article on outgoing communication liquid variables for what objects are available. For more on the Liquid programming itself, click here.

To use a liquid object, just include the name of the property and surround it with two curly brackets on each side. E.g., "{{order.number}}".

When you have made changes to your email template,  you can click "Preview" to see how they look prior to saving them.

Non-Editable Sections

It's important to note that certain sections of email templates are not editable. These sections include the header and footer of all emails, as well as the Order Summary and Order Details sections of the "Approved email", "Shipped email", and "Invoice email" templates.

For these emails, please see the below green-highlighted section for which part of the email template is editable.

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