Carrier Setup

To set-up the UPS, Fedex, or USPS carrier settings, go to Carriers under Configurations.

Then fill up the necessary fields. You can fill-up any of the four settings or all of them, if you want to have them all set-up. Once done, click on Update.

When setting up FedEx credentials, please note that for "Fedex Login" you should enter your Fedex "Meter Number" which FedEx supplies you when you start an account with them.

*FedEx Include Surcharges - Recommended this be set to OFF.

However, you can turn this on if you would like to include the surcharges in your customers' shipping estimates at checkout. Examples of surcharges include an "Additional Handling Surcharge", "FedEx® Collect on Delivery (C.O.D.)", or "Inside Delivery Charge". Please see Fedex's website for the entire list of potential surcharges.

General Carrier Ship Rates Settings

Default Weight - Set up a default product weight so that products which are missing valid weights will be assigned the amount specified here in ounces.

Handling Fee - Charge your customers a handling fee which will be added on top of the carrier shipping charge. This will be included in the shipping charge so your customer only sees one combined amount.

Max Weight Per Package - Set a maximum weight per package. If an order exceeds this weight then the carrier shipping charge will appear as $0. Each order is assumed to be one package in Sweet.

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