Register for an account with FedEx

  1. Visit the FedEx website and click the country where your store is located.

  2. Click Sign Up or Log In.

  3. Click Open an account.

  4. Fill in the registration form.

  5. In the Confirm Your Selected Account Options section of the registration form, select Open a FedEx account.

  6. Click Continue.

During the setup process with FedEx, make note of the account number that you are assigned and make sure your billing address is correct.

You will need to re-enter this information later and the details must match exactly.

Obtain your FedEx credentials

Before you obtain your credentials, make sure that you have an account with FedEx.

To obtain your FedEx account credentials;

  1. Visit the FedEx Web Services website.

  2. Log in using your FedEx account login and password.

  3. Click on Technical Resources, and select FedEx Web Services for Shipping.

  4. Select Move to Production.

  5. Click Obtain Production Key.

  6. Complete the Developer Resource Center Registration form, and accept the terms and conditions.

  7. Record your Developer Test Key, Test Account Number, and Test Meter Number at the end of your registration process.  (Note: Your Meter Number will be emailed to you by FedEx, but the authentication key will not. Make sure that you record your authentication key before proceeding.)

  8. Check for an email from FedEx that includes your Key Password, Account Number, and Meter Number.

  9. Record all of this information because you need it to set-up FedEx carrier in Sweet.

Activate calculated shipping for FedEx

To activate calculated shipping for FedEx:

  1. Go to Configurations -> Carriers.

  2. In the Carriers page, look for the FedEx Settings section and enter your FedEx credentials.

  3. Click Update.

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