Making Products Visible / Adding Products to a Customer's Catalog in the B2B Portal

Note: For customers that signed on before August 29, 2018, you may not have access to the Price List feature. Please contact to find out more. If you do not have access to the price list feature, you can still control which products are visible to your customers. See here for more on that.

Making products visible to customers is accomplished through our Price Lists feature. 

When you add customers and products to a price list, the products on that price list are then automatically made visible and available for ordering by the customers selected to that same price list.

You would first select the customers:

Then, you would select the products that should be accessible to those customers:

At the same time, you can configure the respective prices for those customers. If the prices vary, you could simply select to clone the price list and configure the customer list to have the customer set that get the same products at a different price.


For example, if you sell the same range of products to movie theaters and restaurant groups, but have different prices for those two different customer types, you could create one price list of your products for the customers of customer type "Movie Theaters", then clone it, change the prices of the products, and add the customers of customer type "Restaurants".

Multiple Price Lists for a Given Customer

You can also create multiple price lists for any given customer. This is handy if you have seasonal products, or if you do have products packaged in different ways for different customer types.


For example, if you have a base product list you sell to customers, but then a seasonal product list you offer in the Winter, you could have a price list for each, respectively.

So, customer A can be added to both the "base" price list and the "seasonal" price list, and they would then have access to all of the products in both lists.

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