You may add custom content pages like "About Us" and "FAQs" to your B2B portal. In this way, your customers can have access to those pages to learn more about your business.

In order to have access to this feature in Sweet, you must also use the custom domain feature.

Creating Custom Pages

  1. Click on Configurations -> Custom Pages.

2. Click on +New Page.

3. Fill-up the information needed. All field with asterisks are required.

Title - this is the name of the link which will appear in your page
Slug - this is the part of the URL which identifies a particular page on a website in an easy to read form
Body - this is the content of your page. You may customize the font style, size, color, etc.
Foreign Link (URL) - this is where you can put the link of your pages outside of Sweet. For example, if you have a separate webpage that you want your customers to view.
Show in Header - this switch will let you have your page's link be visible in the header
Show in Footer - this switch will let you have your page's link be visible in the footer
Visible - this switch will let you choose whether you want the link to be visible/active or not.

4. Click on Update at the bottom of the page to save changes.

What Your Customers Will See

The links will show up below the Announcement bar on your B2B portal when you turn "Show in Header" on.

They will show up at the bottom of the page under INFO when you have "Show in Footer" on.

Once your customers click on the link, they will see the pages below.

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