When you need to reset your inventory whether it is from testing or you just want a fresh start, Sweet has it covered.

Resetting your inventory will set all of your On Hand inventory to zero by creating a stock adjustment so that it is recorded in your inventory history. If you have unshipped orders, excluding those still in cart state, that are holding onto inventory, those orders will show as backordered after resetting the inventory because the stock will no longer exist to fulfill those orders. Having backordered inventory means that the Available inventory will be negative. While any stock added after the reset will automatically go back into those unshipped orders, it is recommended that you ship any open orders, especially if they have already been shipped outside of Sweet. This will help to simplify restocking the inventory so that you do not need to account for any other inventory other than what you count on the shelf.

If you are using Sweet's Lot Tracking feature, any unshipped lots will be removed from orders and have their quantity set to zero as well. Rest assured that any orders that have already been shipped in Sweet will retain their lot tracking information. Even though the quantity for those lots is set to zero, they will still be available to restock via stock adjustments after resetting your inventory.

When you are ready to reset your inventory, proceed to My Account > My Company and click on the Data Management tab. The first box is for resetting your inventory. The second box is for completely deleting data from the system and is beyond the scope of this article. When you click on the Reset Inventory button, you will then be prompted to enter your email to confirm the action.

After resetting your inventory, you are ready to restock Sweet with your new inventory counts. Create a Stock Transfer and select Add/Take Stock to add your stock.

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